Vico was established after the second world war in 1945 by the Kyvik family. The main purpose was to supply equipment for fishing- and merchant fleet which lacked everything in that time. Vico got many agency such as engines, steering gear etc. When electronics made its appearance was it more directed toward electronics over time. Vico still drifted with marina and electronics for many years.

Vico went bankrupt in 1989 and was bought by Jacob Helgeland, Torkel Alendal and Bjarne Østensen. Helgeland withdrew from the firm following year and Alendal was released in 1994. Since then the company has been run by the Østensen family. Vico was the first year after the takeover placed in Strandgata 202B in Haugesund, but moved to Bøvågen in April 2000 where we still belong.